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What connects our daily lives to the SDGs Goals?  


Know, feel, internalize and apply all to the SGD's goals. 

知り、感じ、日常化し、 そしてSDGsに適応させるとは?

If we keep the SDGs in mind (we will be continually reminded that, for example, we should strive to reduce our use of plastic.) 


Asians are good at math, blacks are good at basketball Do you agree?

アジア人は数学ができる、黒人はバスケがうまい。そんな考え方 賛成ですか?

Reclaiming Happiness from the Corona pandemic in College Life (Health, Happiness)


Democracy and the Military, my point of view from the perspective of my country.   (Peace and Fairness)


Connecting with Classrooms in Developing Countries (Education)


Citizens Supporting a Safe Society (peace society) 安全な社会を築く市民

Stereotypes in Gender issue. ジェンダーとステレオタイプ

A boy wears a skirt, is it strange? (gender) 男の子のスカート 変?

The richness of the sea  (environment) 海の豊かさ

Can we enjoy our lives without Electricity?   (energy) 電気無しの生活は楽しい?

Find the roots of Discrimination.  (equinity)  ステレオタイプとは?

Singularity, Medical Care Robots, Unmanned Weapons (Do you accept these?) シンギュラリティ、介護ロボット、無人戦争ロボット、受け入れますか?

What is Pollution caused by industrialization?  review the pollution in the past)公害の時期

Is the WYM contributing to SGDs Goals?  WYMSDGsに貢献できているか?

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The Theme of WYM2021


Regeneration and Sustainability How can you be responsible for attaining Sustainable Development Goals

Many people predict that we will not reach the SDG goals by 2030. So far, there have been some improvements. Extreme poverty and infant mortality rates have fallen. Decent work is expanding. However, peace and democracy are still far away, and many children still do not have enough basic education. In addition, racism and discrimination against women have not improved.

 At our World Youth Meeting last year, we made a presentation on SDGs and had a lot of discussions about them. Was that enough?

 Was it enough to simply introduce research and case studies?


In order to regenerate and accelerate the process, we would like to see a tight international collaboration. We would like to see a concrete indication of the direction of the next step.

The world moves on every second of every day. Our daily lives are woven into that movement, creating history day by day.  Surprised and heartbroken by a coup in one country, we still go about our daily lives wishing for peace.

Shaken by problems with peace, democracy, global warming, education, and environmental issues, we row our small boat forward to the SDGs.

 The world exists outside of us, but it is also inside of us. What kind of dialogue should we continue to have with ourselves and others to try to face up to the SDGs?  

Sharing your thoughts in the form of a discussion could help you come up with a concrete your daily activity that could change your attitude towards the world. It will surely be one ingredient used in many possible solutions.

 We don't need merely critiques. We don't need just commentaries. I will listen to your voice and I will speak up again. Honest dialogue and intellectually challenging confrontation are crucial for us all.  Isn't this the kind of responsibility what will lead to the "acceleration" toward a better society?


テーマ 日本語

持続可能な社会へSwitch on!



 私たちのWorld Youth Meeting では昨年SDGsにむけて、発表もし、論議も重ねてきた。あれで十分だったろうか?単に調査、事例の紹介で終わってはいかかっただろうか。再生、加速のために、手ごたえある国際連携を見せてほしい。次の一歩の方向を具体的に指し示してほしい。 





評論はいらない、解説もいらない. 私は、あなたの声を聴き、私がまた声を発する。対話し向き合う責任がいま問われているように思う。その責任がよりいい社会への「加速化」へとつながるのではなかろうか?