At Nihon Fukushi Univ. 
August 2,2004 
Mihama Campus  Cultural  Hall , Nihon Fukushi Univ. 

Time    Content and Presenters
9:30-10:00 Opening Speech Mr. Hosaka, Steering Committee Chief Guest Speeches Mr. Nakagawa from MEXT (MOE) Mr. Ohkubo, NEE Chair Dr.Prof.John M. Keller Dr.Prof.Insung Jung Dr.Prof.Katsuaki Suzuki Introduction of Participant Schools 10:00-10:20 Presentation 1 Cambodia Nihon Fukushi University Future of 2 countries , View point of well-being 10:20-10:40 Presentation 2 Yokkaichi West H.S. Affiliated H.S of Ewha Women's University,Korea "Healing in Urban Area" 10:40-11:00 Presentation 3 Taiwan Senior H.S , Okinawa Shogaku H.S "Welfare" 11:00-11:20 Presentation 4 Taiwan Junior H.S Fukuhi commercial H.S and Japanese Junior H.S  11:15-11:30 Taking Photo together.
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30-12:50 Music session 12:50-13:00 Presentation 5 Japanese Elementary presentation Ando Elementary School "environment Cow" 13:00-13:20 Presentation 6 Taiwanese University , Tokyo international University "new way for English learning" 13:20-13:40 Presentation 7 Fukui Commercial H.S , Taiwanese "Globalization" 13:40-14:00 Presentation 8 Hagoromo H.S (Osaka) "The Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conservation" 14:00-14:20 Presentation 9 Waseda Honjou Gakuin H.S , Fuji Joshi H.S "Sounds and environment"
14:20-14:35 Break
14:35-14:55 Comment Professor Insung Jung ,International Christian University. 14:55-15:20 Reflection through Edited Video Chukyo University 15:20 Closing Speech