World Youth Meeting in Nagoya 2001
-International Exchange and English Education Enhanced by Internet-

May 2001
The World Youth Meeting Committee

1 Main Features

On July 28, 2001, World Youth Meeting will be held in Nagoya for the following purposes.

1. The participating students show the results of their international and interschool exchanges through English and Internet.

Participating Nations Taiwan South Korea Singapore Zimbabwe Australia Japan
Participating Schools Taiwan 2 Senior High Schools 1 Junior High Schools
South Korea 2 S.H.S.
Singapore 1 Elementary School
Zimbabwe 1 S.H.S. Australia 1 S.H.S.
Japan 11 S.H.S. 2 J.H.S. 4 Universities

2. They give joint-presentations to show how different English education and IT use from country to country.

3. They give a joint-presentation to show how junior high school children and university students can collaborate through English and Internet.

4. The two keynote speeches will encourage you to use English and IT for international and interschool exchanges.

5. The whole program invites everyone to exchange information, ideas and opinions about international and interschool exchanges.

/ Since 1994 we have been promoting Internet uses for educational purposes, especially for international exchanges. / The Internet Exchanges Among Asian High School Students started in 1996. / The first World Youth Meeting was held in 1999 and the second one in 2000.

2 Title

World Youth Meeting in Nagoya 2001

3 Time

July 28 (Sat) 2001

4 Place

Nagoya International Center
450-0001 1-47-1, Nakono, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi

5 Time Schedule (tentative)
9:30 Registration
10:00 Opening Ceremony
_____Master of ceremony Fukui Commercial High School
_____Opening speech Fukui Commercial High School
_____Guest speaker
_______Mr. Kaneda
__________Prof. Emeritus of Nagoya Gakuin Univ
_______Mutenda Laurence from Zimbabwe
_______Takashi Ikuta
__________Prof. of Niigata University
_______Mr. Noboru Okubo
__________Executive Committee of Education Expo
_____Executive committee of WYM
_______ Mr. Makoto Kageto
__________" The History of WYM and My Wish"
10:30 Keynote Speech by Ms. Jenny Yeo
_____" Children love IT - IT in Elementary schools in Singapore"
11:10 Brief Introduction of students' presentations

_____Presentations Part 1
_______Students' presentations will be done as a kind of poster Session .
_______Three units of schools do their presentations twice in this period at the same time in different rooms .
_______Choose two presentations you want to join .
__________1. Fukui Commercial HS & Kaoshung HS
_______________( Japan ) ( Taiwan )
__________2. Inabe Sougou Gakuen HS & Kaoshung HS, Kawagoe HS
_______________( Japan ) ( Taiwan )
__________3. Yokkaichi-nishi HS & Shinjung Girls' Commercial HS
_______________( Japan ) ( Korea )

12:00 Lunch Time
13:00 Keynote Speech
_____" My suggestions for International Exchanges"
__________By Toshiyuki Mizukoshi
_______________Prof. of Kansai University
_______________Prof. Emeritus of Osaka University
13:40 On-line Presentation Australian Capital Territory
_____" Internet Use in Education and Japanese lessons in Australia"
__________By Ms. Ballantyne Di
14:10 Presentations Part 2
_____Like presentations in the morning, we have three presentations.
_____Choose two of them and join them .
_______4.Midori HS & German HS
__________( Japan ) ( Germany )
_______5.Matusaka Chubu JHS & Kaoshung JHS, Komono JHS
__________( Japan ) ( Taiwan )
_______________[With the support of Tokyo Kokusai University]
_______6.Chukyo University "Our support for high school students"
__________( Japan )
14:50 Tea Break with Live Music
15:30 Reflection Video
_____Edited by Prof. Miyata and his students, Chukyo University
15:50 Comments on This Meeting
_____Prof . Toshiyuki Mizukoshi
_____Prof. Katsuaki Suzuki
_____Prof. Hiroyuki Watanabe
16:30 Closing Ceremony

Students presentation will be done as a kind of poster session.


Host Organization World Youth Meeting Committee (WYMC)
Information & Communication Technology in Education (ICTE)
Cosponsored by Nagoya International Center Child Research Network
Supported by Uchida, Inc. Nihon-Bunkyo Publishing Co. Tomen Cyber Business, Inc. Prof. Miyata's Office at Chyukyo Univ. Araido-Terashis, Inc. Epson Marketing, Inc. Sun Heights Hotel Nagoya. Kinjo Lions Club. Kizuna Assist. Nichiryo Chubu Enterprise. Internet and Education Council. Matsushita Audio Visual Educational Foundation. Japan Educational Resource Information Center. Asian Pacific Networking Group. Nagoya City, Nagoya City Educational Committee, Expo Council (to be confirmed).


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