The participants of Korea in WYM2001.

1. Name : Mr. Han Sangshin
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Hello, This is Han Sangshin. Ifm a teacher ? coordinator of Shinjeong girlsf commercial high school Seoul, Korea. We will consist of three members including two girls students who are in the third grade this year. Wefll be very happy to be with you at the City- the oldest city in Nagoya coming July 27-28.

( Mr. Han Sangshin )


2. Name : Jeon Suh-hee
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Hello!!^^* everyone. My name is Jeon suh-hee in the Korean high school partt. I go to Shinjeong girls' commercial high school in Seoul now and I'm in the third grade of the department of tourism. So, my hobby is tour. I'd like to travel abroad in the future. I have four members my family, father, mother, younger brother, and myself. I'd like to be a good tourism teacher in the future because I want to teach something to children. I have wanted to join the WYM for several years, at last I will have the greatest chance to meet you who will attend Meeting from so many countries. Ifm very happy to join you. I hope, Ifll make a good company with you and have great experience with you this time. Are you all set?^^* We will preparation for WYM very hard. Fighting!!^^*

( Jeon Seo-hee )


3. Name : Kim Eun-ah
E-Mail : kea7384
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Hi!! all. My name is Kim Eun-Ah and my other name is Kate. I'm a student of Shinjeong girls' commercial high school in Korea. I'm in the 3rd grade. My hobby is listening to Korean Pop music and surfing on the web. My favorite star is Leon and Korean name is Yeomyeong. Do you know Leon? I'd like to be a tour guide in HongKong or hotel manager also in the future. I'm very happy to join WYM2001 in Nagoya in this year! I hope to meet many friend in the world there. Let's make a good friendship with each other !! *^^* I want to see you very fast!

Well, Let's meet in Nagoya on July 27.

Thank you!! Bye~~~~

( Kim Eun-ah )