Name :Simbarashe Befura

Country :Zimbabwe

University :National University Of Science & Technology


My project :My presentation was on internet use and the education system in Zimbabwe. I did my preparations under a lot of pressure because I had little time. Also because of poor communication systems in Zimbabwe ,at times .I could not contact other guys on the mailing list. There was also a bit of confusion on my topics such that in the end I prepared three presentations though I only gave one at the conference. I give thanks to Dr Mutenda and the translators who assisted me in making slides for my topic. At the end of the day I had something to show the audiences. Other presentations :I think the quality of the presentations was very high.. I can not conclude which one was the best but I think the Koreans had good motion pictures to show as well Mr Kageto. I was impressed by the attachments. 4 most impressive sites : I was impressed to see the students go along well with each other so quickly even though it was first time to meet. There was good organization as events flowed smoothly. The host families were also a wonder. I have never seen such hospitality being given to strangers. Mr Kawaguchi and other members of the Lions club did a great job.The public address equipment at the conference was of high quality. Nobody got lost and there were no fights ,physically or otherwise. Did the internet help :Indeed to me it helped a lot in my preparations and also introducing myself to other participants. For me I could not however achieve maximum benefit since access to computers is limited in Zimbabwe. Future :Indeed I think we need to have another world youth meeting soon if possible. I feel it increases international relations and enriches student`s worldwide knowledge. We could maybe just change the venue or the structure of the meeting. If such meeting is organized I will be very willing to take part and may this time give more time for preparations. Suggestions : Just like all the other students I think the time was just too short.Participants were also few.More time should have been given for preparations and knowing each other before the meeting. Time for each presentation should have been more and activities for students to do together were few.

My trip :It was very long ,about 25 hours. I had to go through South Africa -Hong Kong then Nagoya.It was tiring but it was worth it. When I got to the airport my host father was waiting for me so from there onwards everything was easy. What was very Japanese : The traditional dress, food, Hotel rooms and the way the people speak. Image before :I thought Japan was a very busy country ,The people speak a fair amount of English ,Martial were the most popular and that the structures (buildings) were very exceptional and out of this world. I later discovered that not many Japanese use English, Baseball is more popular than Karate and there are also other old building in the country especially educational buildings.I thought Papua New Guinea was very westernized with no traditional cultures but only to find out they still have traditional ceremonies. Before I was of the impression that people from Asia were not friendly but they were very good. Comments :The World Youth Meeting was to me a an experience of a life time. It exposed to me places that I did not Know ,people I never thought I will meet and information I never knew. I really feel such an arrangement needs to be repeated. I give many thanks to whoever came up with the idea, those who cordinated, the sponsors (Kinjo Lions Club),the host families ,Teachers and all the students and participants.I am trully looking forward to yet another meeting of this kind.Wheever it will be I will be available.I urge all participants to keep in touch and not to destroy this newly found international collaboration.To conclude the Meeting was undoubtably a

great success!











country : Australia

name: Jessica Longbottom

school name: St Vincent's College, Potts Point, Sydney

e-mail address:



2 e-mail, internet pages. it worked well.

3 I thought the presentations of all the other countries were absolutely amazing. A lot of the technology I saw I didn't even know existed. I was very honoured to be among a very talented group of people. It took a lot of courage to get up and talk in front of everyone and I think everyone was very brave. Part of my presentation that I really liked was the sattelite link to Australia. I thought that that was absolutely amazing and felt very priveliged to be involved.

4 Satellite hook up to Australia

5  I now know a lot more about the internet then I did before and I realise how much it can help us build up international relations. I now am a lot more thankful for the technology I have access to.

6 I would love to do another project similar to this one again, and go to another country and experience another culture. Or have people come here and experience my culture! I think that is wonderful that we can break down international barriers. Maybe the next conference should be focussed less on the internet and more on International relations and breaking down the barriers of culture.

8 I think it would be possible, but maybe a lot harder communicating between countries.

> 1 what was most impressive things for you after coming Japan.

As soon as I arrived in Japan I was surprised by everything. Absolutely everything is different to life as I know it in Australia. I was most impressed by peoples kindness. Everyone is willing to do anything for you. The most surprising thing was the onsen. I went in one and I was very embarrassed I'm glad I did go in it though. It was a lot of fun and a good experience. I was also surprised when I went to Tsu and found the "Australian" map of the world. That was very funny. All up I absolutely love the people in Japan. They are very kind.

2 what is the very Japanese things or attitude that you encountered?

 Smoking is very much accepted, and I thought it was very funny how in the Tsu council building there was a little hut for smokers which was supposed to be good for the non-smokers. It didn't seem to be doing anything much to me. Sometimes Japanese people try to much to help, and they worry to much about people. Also, many Japanese males are sexist. They make the females do all the work and I find this very annoying. I was lucky cause I didn't have to do much cause I'm a foreigner, but Japanese women have to do heaps of work.

3 Compared to the image toward to Japan or other countries before

>meeting together, did you change your image to them.

> > Country name before after

Japan. I really didn't know what to expect from Japan but I thought

it was absolutely great after I had been Zimbabwe I probably didn't think the schools and internet was so good over there until Simba's talk.

Paua new Guinea. I learnt a lot about our neighbours during the conference.

I didn't know that much before going and meeting Bonnie and Will.

Germany. I thought German people were confident, and I definitely was not


Taiwan. I had no idea that life in Taiwan was so different to the life I live. They do so much that we don't!

Korea. I had no idea how culturally rich Korea is. I never knew about it's

links to Japan either.

4 any comment ?

>The conference was absolutely great. i had a terrific time and I'm

very grateful to everyone who organised it.





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